Tel Aviv and Caesarea

Tel Aviv is the second largest city in Israel and is considered the country’s major economic center. During our tour, we will see the new Tel Aviv, the symbol of modernization, western orientation and liberal approach, in comparison to Jaffa, the oldest city in the region (located in the southern part of Tel Aviv), which served as Israel’s main port of entry for many years and preserves a glorious history. In addition to Tel Aviv and Jaffa, we will also visit Caesarea – a port city built by Herod the Great about 2,000 years ago, currently preserving fascinating historic relics.
Throughout history, Jaffa served as the gateway to Israel and is often mentioned in the Bible. A city with extensive history that preserves the remains of thousands of years alongside the endless stories and anecdotes. The Jaffa of today plays an important role among the locals, as well as tourists, who wish to experience the wonderful atmosphere of the city and observe the coexistence between the Jews and Arabs. The tour of Jaffa combines history, archeology and stories of Christianity, along with art, through which the historic events of the city are preserved. During the walking tour of Jaffa, we will hear its stories, view the breathtaking landscape of the Mediterranean Sea and Tel Aviv and in case you will be interested, there is an option to visit one of the galleries in the Old City.

Afterwards, we will head north to Tel Aviv – the first Hebrew city, established in the early 20th century. Israelis living outside Tel Aviv like to joke that when traveling to Tel Aviv, you should bring a passport. Indeed, this city is quite different from any place in Israel; city that lives is in non-stop motion. Modern Tel Aviv in the economic center of Israel. A huge number of locals have moved to the Tel Aviv area due to more promising employment opportunities, compared to any other city in the country. In addition, the city’s culture, entertainment and nigh life are full of action day and night. Tel Aviv attracts many tourists seeking to experience the life in a cosmopolitan and liberal city, enjoy its nightlife and visit various sites. We will visit the Neve Zedek quarter, which is the first neighborhood established outside the walls of Jaffa.
Following implementation of the preservation program, the quarter was renovated and became a popular residential area. Many houses in this quarter were either renovated or rebuilt, while the area became stylish and lively, with designer clothing and household item stores, art galleries and coffee shops, as well as excellent restaurants and pubs.
In the center of Tel Aviv, there is a complex known as the “White City”, which was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO due to preservation of buildings constructed in the unique International Style of architecture, most of which were built in the 30s. We will visit the “White City” and the Rothschild Boulevard that lies in the heart of this area, and will learn what led to this unique style of construction. Afterwards, we will head to the Rabin Square, where the Prime Minister of Israel, Yitzhak Rabin, was assassinated in 1995 by a far-right activist. Before continuing north, we will visit the memorial and review the events that led to the global change in the entire region.
Following a light ride along the coastal road, we will arrive to Caesarea. This beautiful city, built by Herod the Great about 2000 years ago, is a great example of his construction capacity. Ancient Caesarea was a luxurious port-city, established in dedication to Emperor Augustus. We will visit the National Park, operated by the National Parks Authority, and various facilities built by Herod, such as the Theater, Hippodrome and the Reef Palace. We will also visit the port and observe its magnificent and extraordinary construction. If the time will allow, we will also take a walk along the port, where we can find restaurants, coffee shops and several galleries.
Other options that can be included in the tour of Tel Aviv are: the Old Train Station Complex – the first railroad station built in the late 19th century that currently serves as an amazing entertainment complex with multiple restaurants, coffee shops and stores.
Sarona Complex, established by the Templers in the late 19th century to become a colony, currently serves as a culture and entertainment complex in the heart of Tel Aviv and includes a unique food market, restaurants and coffee shops, as well as the leading fashion and design stores.
On Tuesdays and Fridays, there is an open market in Nahalat Binyamin, where artists and craftsmen present their work. Independence Hall – the place where David Ben-Gurion has declared the establishment of the State of Israel in 1948.
Tel Aviv offers countless sites and various activity centers that I would be happy to show you. I would also like to highlight the culinary side of Tel Aviv, which offers an extensive range of restaurants with flavors from every part of the world, and recommend you the best restaurants according to your taste.


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