Judean foot hills

An area located between the Judean Mountains and the coastal plain. The tour of the Judean foothills will take us back thousands of years. During the day, we will review various biblical stories and visit historic sites.
The area is abundant with many hills and valleys overlooking magnificent landscapes. We will start our tour in Beit Guvrin, located in the heart of the area called the “Land of a Thousand Caves” that will take us to the ancient times. We will learn how the locals lived and adjusted the land to their needs.
This site offers to take part in archaeological excavations and collaborate with archaeologists, while they are exposing discovering that have been hidden for thousands of years. Who knows, maybe you will become the archaeologists of the future.

We will continue our tour of the Judean foothills, while mentioning some of the biblical stories and observing the landscapes.
Afterwards, we will continue to another site called Lachish, which was a large city during the First Temple period. It should be noted that it was the second largest city in the Kingdom of Judah, destroyed during the Assyrian captivity in the 8th century AD. Lachish National Park offers to visit the Biblical Hill, where the guests can observe and feel the last moments of the city’s destruction.
During the day, we will visit the stalactite cave that was accidentally discovered in the 1960s. This is an amazing natural phenomenon that develops over the course of history.
The land of this region is very fertile and therefore, it is characterized by expansive agricultural areas in general and vineyards, in particular. Local wineries are known for their excellent products. Some of them offer tours of their facilities and wine tasting.