Jerusalem - The New City

Jerusalem exposes the visitors to diverse cultures and religions, a beautiful mountain landscape, markets, museum, restaurants, vibrant nightlife and the list goes on.
Such a versatile city allows many options for exciting tours. After you have visited the Old City and observed it from the Mount of Olives, it is time to visit the western part of the city.
In the morning, we will visit the “Yad VaShem” Holocaust Museum – the world-leading museum in its field, meticulously designed by the Canadian-Israeli architect, Moshe Safdie. The museum exposes the audience to accurate illustrations of the horrors of Holocaust. The experience of visiting the “Yad VaShem” Historical Museum, the Children’s Monument, the Hall of Remembrance and other pavilions is particularly moving for people, who never studied this subject in depth. “Yad VaShem” was established to commemorate the Holocaust. It is funded solely by donations and therefore, the entrance is free of charge. In an era of continuous genocide, while Holocaust deniers emerge and attract attention, “Yad VaShem” exposes the visitors to one of the blackest stains in human history and reminds us that such horror should never happen again.

Afterwards, we will continue to the Israel Museum – one of the most impressive museums in the world with a wide range of art exhibitions, as well as archaeological items from various sites in Israel, presented in a chronological order. The Israel Museum displays a model of Jerusalem during the Second Temple period. This impressive model covers an area of 21,500 square feet and teaches us about Jerusalem in its glory days, when many Jews wanted to live as close as possible to the Temple – the beating heart of the Jewish people. We will talk about the establishment, location and relocation of the model and will review the various buildings and topography of Jerusalem. Then we will continue to the Shrine of the Book, which presents one of the greatest discoveries in history – the Dead Sea Scrolls. The Shrine of the Book is a treasure that tells the story of the scrolls found in Qumran (northern Dead Sea area), sheds light on the Jewish sect that lived there and displays multiple findings. Additional exhibition presents the Aleppo Codex – the oldest canonical Hebrew Bible composed in the early 10th century.
After visiting these two extraordinary museums, it is time we head to the pearl of Jerusalem, the “Mahane Yehuda” market. Located in the western part of the city, “Mahane Yehuda” is the most famous and expansive market in Israel with its unique colors, smells, flavors and sights. The Jerusalem Municipality renovated the market area and turned it into a real attraction. While during the day, the stalls and stores are full of fruit, vegetables and spices, at night, the market becomes a vibrant area with multiple bars, restaurants and street performance. As a Jerusalemite, who shops at “Mahane Yehuda” at least once a week, I am well-acquainted with the best stalls, restaurants and bakeries. I would be happy to take you on a tour of this one-of-a-kind market – a true celebration of senses.