Haifa and Western Galilee

This tour includes several spectacular sites, three locations on the northern Mediterranean coast of Israel, two World Heritage sites and one guide who will be very happy to tell you about the place where he grew up.
We will begin our journey in Haifa, the third largest city in Israel, which is also my hometown. The city of Haifa is located on the Carmel mountain range, adjacent to the sea, providing an atmosphere of peace and tranquility due to the perfect combination of the endless green nature that surrounds the city. Haifa is home for representatives of various religions – Jews, Christians and Muslims live in harmony and admirable coexistence. Today we will also learn about another religion, the administrative center of which is located in Haifa – the Baha’i Faith. We will visit the magnificent Baha’i Gardens that are deployed on the slopes of Mount Carmel Baha’i Gardens and serve as an undisputed symbol of Haifa. We will talk about this unique religion and try to understand how it arrived to Haifa.

On our way north, to the city of Acre (Akko), we will go through the Downtown Quarter of Haifa and the German Colony, where we will learn the story of a small community of Germans, who came to Israel in the 19th century and established colonies, the first of which was built in Haifa. These people were called the Templars.
Afterwards, we will continue our journey to Akko. This enchanting city will allow us to become exposed to two different periods, during which the city served as the capital. We are talking about the Ottoman (Turkish) period and the Crusader period. The Ottoman city will be seen above the surface, while the Crusader city – beneath the surface. Sounds interesting? Wait… there is much more…
The tour will begin in the city walls area from the 19th century. You will hear the story of Napoleon in the city of Akko and see the wall he encountered when he besieged the city. Afterwards we will proceed to the Knights Halls and go down several meters underground to the place that will take us 800 years back to the Crusader Kingdom of the 12th century. This incredible Crusader compound was amazingly preserved in a wonderful condition, which will allow us to see the capital city of the Crusader Kingdom in its full splendor. Later we will go back to the upper city. On our way to the port, we will pass the large and impressive mosque built in the 18th century by the rulers of Akko, we will see the parking stations and go down to the tunnel built by the Knights Templar that served as an escape tunnel.
Our next stop will be Rosh HaNikra – a site that allows to see and feel the interaction between the sea and the rocks that takes place for thousands of years. Here, right on the northern coast of Israel at the border with Lebanon, the mountain meets the sea creating a rare natural phenomenon of spaces at the bottom of the mount that are continuously widened by the waves forming into unique shapes. To reach the site, we will use a cable car that will take us though the shortest and most steep cable railway in the world. An amazing experience is guaranteed.
A day spent in Haifa and at the northern coast of Israel is full of great experiences and interesting tours dedicated to a variety of fascinating subjects. I would be happy if you join me in this wonderful journey. Such day can be a part of a longer trip.
We can also visit additional sites in the area, for example: Druze villages in the Mount Carmel area, Muhraka Monastery, Stella Maris Monastery in Haifa and Baha’i Gardens in Akko, etc.