Family Tours

Many families visit Israel to become exposed to the multiple historic and sacred site, such as churches, synagogues and sites of great archeological value. Such trip is usually very intensive and can be quite exhausting, especially for the children. However, I thought of all the solutions and planned an alternative trip with your kids in mind. The trip will include various attractions that will keep your children happy and smiling throughout the whole day.
Every time I go to the Northern Region, something inside feels different and I become more relaxed. It might be the fresh air or the endless green landscape, or maybe the sound of birds singing, or the water flowing everywhere… Without a doubt, the North of Israel is one of the most wonderful and diverse areas this country has to offer.
This area is often called “The Land of Streams and Rivers”, since the sources of the Jordan River (Dan, Banias and Hasbani) originate from here. This region is abundant in water and its trickling can be heard everywhere. Jordan River is a popular location for kayaks – a great experience for the whole family. In addition, there are other attractions, such as a water zip line, climbing wall, ropes course, etc.

I recommend visiting the Banias Waterfall located at the Hermon nature reserve. A hanging trail was created right above the flowing stream, leading to the impressive Banias Waterfall.
Over half a billion birds fly across the State of Israel each year. The Hula Valley, which went through quite a few changes over the last decade, serves as a habitat for countless bird species and is considered one of the most significant sites for ornithologists from around the world, while this area also attracts many tourists. We can travel to the Hula Valley, watch a 3D film about the ornithological phenomenon in this region and, of course, visit the lake, which is habitat for many animals. We can also travel to Agamon Hula (an artificial lake in the heart of the Hula Valley) and join a trip in a tractor-drawn wagon and watch the birds from a touching distance. Jeep tours is one of the most sought-after attractions of the Northern Region. There is an option to take this trip in the Hula Valley and reach magical locations, which is possible only with a 4-wheel drive vehicle. We can also take a jeep tour on the slopes of the Golan Heights. It is recommended to dress accordingly, because mud is an inseparable part of this unique activity.
Due to the adjacent Israel border, this area is full of IDF military bases. During my military service, I have spent two years in this area, for which I have a soft sport in my heart. I would love to share the events of my military service, and the stories of battles, in which I took part. It is also possible to arrange a meeting with IDF soldiers at one of the bases in the area.
This page features many attractions full of joy and great experiences, while many more attractions are available, for example: a chocolate workshop, tour of the wineries, hiking, ATV tour, etc.