Bar-Mitzvah tour

Would you like to hold a special event for your son? Such a unique event, full of wonderful and unforgettable experiences, should be composed of pleasant atmosphere, music, ancient tradition, good and most importantly, the Aliyah LaTorah ceremony and a touching prayer. Wouldn’t it be a wonderful gift for your son, as well as for all the guests?
Bar Mitzvah is a very significant event in teenager’s life. At this event, the boy becomes a man and puts on the Tefillin for the first time. The Torah prescribes to put on the Tefillin as a sign and reminder that God has brought up Israel out of Egypt (Exodus 13, 10).
This event is also very exciting for the parents, who watch their son become a man and undertake the commandments. In most communities, it is customary for the father to say a special blessing, “Baruch sheptarani meonsho shel zeh” (which means “Blessed is the One, who has relieved me from the punishment due to this one”), which signs the beginning of a new phase in the boy’s life and his responsibility for his deeds. The Bar Mitzvah ceremony is usually held at the Western Wall on Mondays and Thursdays, since these are the days on which the Jews read the Torah (except for Saturday).

Holding the Bar Mitzvah ceremony at the Western Wall requires preliminary arrangement and coordination of various logistic and religious issues. In addition, I really enjoy arranging a procession to the Western Wall, accompanied by seasoned musicians, who contribute to the extraordinary spiritual experience.
As part of the Bar Mitzvah tour, we will visit several sites adjacent to the Western Wall, such as the Western Wall Tunnel, Chain of Generations Center, Davidson Center and the Jerusalem Archaeological Park, the City of David and the Jewish Quarter.
The tour can be extended, with options to visit additional sites in Israel, such as Masada and the Dead Sea, the cities of Safed and Tiberias, etc. As a 13-year-old boy, I have celebrated my Bar Mitzvah at the Western Wall with my family, and I recall that great experience every time I visit this area.
The image below shows me during the ceremony, carrying the Torah Scroll with my father and my late grandfather. I strongly recommend such an event for every child and for all the family members.