My name is Shuki Cohen. I have lived in Haifa most of my life and in recent years, I have been living in Jerusalem, the capital of Israel. Over the years, I have been profoundly interested in history and geography. Even as a child, I used to fall asleep with maps and history books. Following my demobilization from the IDF and a prolonged stay abroad, I became convinced that to be successful – you have to love what you do and therefore, I decided to focus on tourism.
I am a certified tour coordinator and travel agent. However, after some time I realized that spending the majority of my time in the office is not for me.

That is why I pursued my studies and became a certified tour guide. Once I’ve started working with tourists on a regular basis, I was sure that I have found my true vocation. I have always loved Israel, but I fell in love with this country even more once I’ve started guiding tours. Every location across Israel has its story and the amount of fascinating historic sites is mindboggling.

Israel is constantly developing and the story of its establishment is fascinating no less than its ancient history. Every tour guide has its own style of telling these stories. I consider my work a mission, since the tour guide quite often makes the whole difference whether it will be just another trip or an unforgettable experience. Jerusalem has a special place in my heart. I love this city and constantly read and learn its endless history, while keeping up-to-date with various discoveries and researches. It would be my pleasure to provide you with an unforgettable spiritual experience in this Eternal City – a place where it all began.
Many visitors show great interest in the local military (Israel Defense Forces) and its battle legacy. I really love guiding tours of battle sites and tell the story of various battle operations and military heroes, as well as share the story of my own military service.
Besides the abundant historic, archaeological and religious sites, my clients also become exposed to the diverse local culture and cuisine. My goal is to provide my guests with a fascinating experience and make sure they are satisfied throughout the entire tour. Upon planning the tour, I tend to ask all the necessary questions in order to adjust the tour in accordance with the client’s needs and requirements. Whether it is a private or a group tour, I would be happy to be of service and provide you with an extraordinary and enjoyable experience. In addition, I offer shuttle services to the tourists I work with. For a small group of visitors, I can provide a luxurious modern vehicle. I invite you to read about various tours presented on this website, select the locations you would like to visit and together, we will plan an unforgettable trip.