A day in the galilee

The galilee is one of the biggest region in the country. divide for 2 - the upper galilee and the lower galilee. today we'll focusing on the lower galilee, the area that Jesus spent most of his life and made most of his miracles.
"Walk in the foot steps of Jesus" in the Galilee is a magnificent tour that combine between the story as mention in the bible, and the site by tradition that today there's a church there.
The tour starts in the city of Nazareth where Marry announce by the angel that she's in pregnant with the son of god. That is the place of the annunciation and today there's a hugh church (the biggest in the whole country) dedicated to this event. in the same complex there is one more church that built over a series of caves that belived to be the carpentry of saint joseph. the name of the church is "the church of saint joseph" and at the crypt of the church we will see a Jewish ritual bath, dated back to the time of jesus - "Mikveh"

We will drive to the Sea Of Galilee and pass by the town of Cana where Jesus made his first miracle when he turned water into wine. Our first site in the Sea Of Galilee area will be the Mount Of The Beatitudes where acording to tradition Jesus delivered the sermon of the mount. The view of the lake and the Golan Heights in the background is outstanding.
We will proceed to Capernaum - the town of Jesus. In this site we will see a church and a sinagugue. Confusing??
in Capernaum there is a church that built over the house of Peter and a synagogue dated back to the 4th century that built over an earlier one that Jesus tought the people on the Sabbath.
Our next stop is in Tabgha valley - the valley of seven springs. we will visit in the Church of Multiplications, where Jesus fed five thousands people with two fish and five loaves of bread and in the church of the primacy where Jesus appeared to his disiples for the 3rd time after the ressurection, and where he gave the primacy to Peter.