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1 Shuki Guide – private Tour Guide In Israel

Welcome to Israel

My name is Shuki Cohen (33) and I'm a tour guide in Israel. You have decided to travel to Israel? Excellent! And now, the fun begins! Planning is an inseparable part of every trip. My job is to assist you to plan a fascinating travel program, customized in accordance with your interests and expectations. As a tour guide, I also serve as a driver and provide the tourists with a spacious, comfortable and air-conditioned vehicle. I have a brand new mini-van of Toyota for up to 6 passengers. Obviously if there's a need I'll be happy to provide a bigger van/minibus. I invite you to read about various tours presented on my website, select the locations you would like to visit while you can also combine several tours and plan a longer trip. Together, we will plan an unforgettable trip and tour the together my beautiful country - Israel.




  • Caroline & Cameron Schmidt 17.4.17
    Our guide, Shuki, was amazing from the start, and embodied all of those traits!  Shuki was mesmerizing to listen to. His knowledge of the religious sites was astounding, as well, he encouraged questions, and believe me, there were many! Unfortunately, the day that we were there, there was a small incident by the Western Wall. Shuki was very calm, and very reassuring. I felt like we were very safe at all times, and that he was in control, providing us with as much information as he could. I felt very lucky to have him with us. After an amazing day, he gave us great suggestions as to what we could do in the evening in our free time. Go for a tour with Shuki Cohen, he made our short stay in Israel a very memorable experience!  
    Caroline & Cameron Schmidt 17.4.17
  • Jennifer Fukumitsu ‎, 21 June 2013
    Our family went to Israel in 2013 and Shuki was our guide for 2 full days. Shuki is an amazing tour guide! We thoroughly enjoyed our 2 full days with him in Israel. The knowledge he has all stored up in that brain was mind blowing He was so knowledgeable, he truly made our tour amazing! I highly recommend him. He knows the bible better than anyone I know. Highly recommended!  
    Jennifer Fukumitsu ‎, 21 June 2013
  • Ed and Arlene Lipsman 1.7.16
    Shuki Cohen was our tour guide in our trip to Israel on June 2016. We could not have been given a better guide. At every site we visited, he explained and patiently answered all our questions. He took special care to make sure all our needs and wants were met. There was nothing he would not do for us. Because of Shuki, we were able to have the kind of trip we have dreamed about for several years. We are most appreciative of all he did, and we will recommend him to family and friends asking for a guide in Israel.
    Ed and Arlene Lipsman 1.7.16
  • Diana Barchard , 9 June 2014

    Shuki we miss hearing your voice! You were a great guide, giving us so much historical context for everything we saw, and doing it with humour and concern. Thanks again.

    Diana Barchard , 9 June 2014
  • Andrey Schefller, 10 May,2016

    Shuki is an excellent guide with a deep knowledge of all three religions and he was very informative and flexible and we had many great discussions with him every day. He was able to quote the passages from the bible pertaining to different sites explaining also subtle differences in point of view of different Christian religions. I would recommend shuki very strongly to everyone because his professionalism guarantees you a great and unforgettable experience.

    Andrey Schefller, 10 May,2016
  • Susan heron, June 2013

    We had a wonderful, exciting day with Shuki our tour guide as we visited Jerusalem and the Dead Sea. He was very knowledgeable and he gave us a day that will be remembered forever. We'll never forget our great time that we had in Israel but unfortunately it was too short. We can't wait for the next time with shuki in Israel.

    Susan heron, June 2013
  • Kate Clair,  3 May 2014

    I'd just like to say thanks again for being a fantastic guide for my trip to Israel. As a history teacher, I love finding out about the culture and history of other countries, and I learnt so much about Israel.

    Kate Clair, 3 May 2014
  • Cameron Hunter 17 Nov,2016

    We had an excellent time with Shuki! Knowledgeable, flexible, reliable and friendly are some of the best words to describe him. Thank you for a great tour, my friend!

    Cameron Hunter 17 Nov,2016
  • Ed Morris 17 March, 2017

    We had Shuki as our guide as we visited the Holyland as part of a pilgrimmage from March 5 to March 13. We could write a book about our positive experience with Shuki. He was our shepherd (getting us where we needed to go on time, even though there were many distractions), teacher, and friend. Shuki treated our group with patience, and respected not only us, but also the people and groups that we interacted with. Shuki seemed to have a wealth of knowledge and wisdom as he interpreted the Old and New Testament based on where the tour took us that day. If our group became separated or if we were running behind schedule, Shuki would make sure that we got caught up by the way he was able to manage the flow of people visiting a particular religious site. As another guide remarked "everyone knows Shuki". A thoroughly enjoyable experience, I highly recommend Shuki as your guide when travelling in Israel.

    Ed Morris 17 March, 2017
  • Fiona Ke 16 November 2016

    Visited Israel last month! We had an amazing time there with Shuki Cohen as our local guide! He is really knowledgeable and informative. He makes our trip a really fruitful and enriching one. Without a local guide we will be at lost in this beautiful and rich history country

    Fiona Ke 16 November 2016